Glenbrook Dodge Crysler - 2013 Crysler 200 transmission a piece of junk

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Purchased a 2013 Chrysler 200 in Dec.2012. Recently took the car in for service with a complaint about the car rolling forward in reverse on a incline. The incline was not steep. I was parking the car in the parking garage underneath my apartment building. I put the car in reverse as the garage door was not working. When I took my foot of the brake the car rolled forward in reverse until I put my foot on the brake. I took to service as it is still under warranty. I was told they put the car in reverse and tried to move it forward and it didn't move. I guess not the car was a level surface. Never did the try to simulate the problem on an incline. When I questioned them, I was told that is the way 6 cylinder transmission were designed and there was nothing that could be done. I pointed out it could be dangerous for a car to roll forward in reverse. The Service Mgr (Brian Marshall) gave me the number to Chrysler customer service. What a joke...they just turned around and called the service manager and recited the same bunch of junk the Service Mgr said. When I asked if the Customer Service Rep had any suggestions, she stated she was not a auto mechanic but I could try taking it to another Chrysler Dealer for a second opinion. Really...I was at a Chrysler Dealer. So I spoke to the General Manager, Matthew Mc Kibben. His comment "What do you want me to do...redesign the car"? Well, since I was making a statement in the showroom...He says let me give you a number to call. The General Manager of Glenbrook Dodge in Fort Wayne, IN gave me a phone number that was no longer in service. Luckily, I hadn't left the car lot. I confronted him about the bogus number...and he just referred me back to Chrysler Customer Service. Apparently, I was turning customers around and he wanted me out of the showroom.

Moral of this story...especially you ladies.


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Glenbrook did not make the car who made the crappy auto CHRYSLER

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